Made to Educate

In this carefully crafted seminar I make the science around fat loss so easy to understand. My aim is for the audience to walk away with a full understanding of how their fuel systems work. So they can go about their fat loss journey better equipped, and know what they’re doing.

The time it took me to evolve this seminar to be animated has been well worth the effort. Every nutritional study or philosophy I have come across works with the model I have put together here. There are numerous ways to diet, but all bodies process fuels in much the same way. So I show you how the fuels work, and you can decide on which diet works best for you!

Today we have a team to make the experience an event to remember. We have guest speakers and we have giveaways. We have Workout Meals provide meals for the intermission. And everyone goes home with a copy of my BOOK and DVD!

We hold this event for public admission. We’re based in Sydney but also travel interstate to gyms and conference centers. The next event can be found here.

We can also hold an event for you privately, in your workplace, store or elsewhere. If you need something tailored specifically for you, we can do that too.

Watch the videos below. The chapters encompass the world of health necessary for everyday people. Hope you enjoy it!

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