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If you are looking for a change to your health, then I want to be there to help you change it. My specialties are Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat. This is something I have been doing for a long time. The time and effort I could save you in the gym would be insurmountable.

Over a couple of decades I have seen all the techniques available to grow muscle. Which ones apply to you and how to apply them is something I am head and shoulders above the rest.

Even though this in particular is my forte, you will be surprised at how much it encompasses in the world of health. Exercise goes hand in hand with nutrition, and nutrition goes hand in hand with your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means a healthy mentality.

To get everything needed for you to get results is the task at hand. I work with you to find a way to make sure that happens. Even though our lives may be overly busy, if we had all the factors of health in our control, then we would have the energy to be even busier!

I am here to guide you to what you want to do. I take a holistic approach to what you want to achieve. For example if you want to grow your chest, wouldn’t it grow faster with the right amount of sleep, water, nutrition and knowledge? Would you be more willing to come to the gym if you were happy and full of energy?

The same applies to losing fat. Fat is a survival tool and is the last thing our body wants to lose. To convince our body to let it go only comes under a certain set of circumstances. That set of circumstances must be tailored to you, the individual.

I am here to accelerate you on the way you want to go. If you have a lot of drive, I will show you what you can do with it. If you need results with efficiency, I can show you how it is done with minimal effort. What I want to do is take away the confusion and give you what you want in the best way possible.

Have you thought about slimming down for some time and want to know how you can do it? Have you thought about building muscle and wish you knew more about it? If so, let me take the weight off your shoulders. I promise to be the best decision you will make!

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Fat Loss

Losing fat is something that everyone wants, but either find it hard, confusing, boring and not worth the effort. For many, the weight piles back on again and you wonder why you even bother trying. Hmmm.

I want to show you that it can be exciting. To make it work for you so you like it. You enjoy what you’re eating and you are pleased with a lifestyle that suits you. I want to give you a good experience.

I work hard on my side to ensure all nutritional requirements are met and tailored within a meal plan perfect for you. That way you can rest assured that the fat will come off, creating a good reputation of dieting for yourself.

Although perhaps for you, you never really eat much, you dont feel hungry, and the weight still doesn’t budge? If this is you, you may have Metabolic Damage. This is when your metabolism has been slowed for so long, it has adapted to it.

The longer you slow your metabolism, the more permanent it will become. To revive you metabolism is a careful process. Understand that we want you to drop the fat with as much food as possible!

So if you are after a shapelier version of yourself, guided with the best advice and the best nutrition, I am here for you.

I will provide a tailored plan for you instead of trying to fit into someone else’s plan.

We will reverse your crashed metabolism so it’s resembles when you were 16 years old!

You will pull the fat off, and keep it off, never to be seen again. With all the health in the world!

Forget the shortcuts. Forget the amatuers. Do it once and do it properly. Do it with me!


Muscle Gain and Shaping

Whether you want a little or a lot, gaining muscle is imperative for good health and to look aesthetically pleasing. Everybody appreciates a balanced body. One that resembles a picture of health and looks like they take care of themselves.

Men want to be thicker, stronger, with a V shape torso. A body which can overcome any feat, lift any load, and also looking the part. I am an old school type trainer, with new school knowledge. I take the basics of lifting – barbells and dumbbells – to wield my craft.

To become as big, strong and aesthetic as possible, overloading the muscle is the way. To break plateaus and watch muscle grow, is what I do best! Your muscles will find any excuse to stop growing. I will find that weakness and expose it, make it stronger to balance the body so it can keep moving forward.

Women want great shape, good tone, and a nice set of legs. There’s nothing like being in shape and proud of what’s in front of the mirror. To walk around in the body that is yours, and still cannot believe you own it! The overwhelming inner happiness I witness is something I am proud to be part of.

Some women are afraid of looking strong. Other women want to look stronger. Whatever body you like, we can keep on sculpting until you reach the body you desire.

To get the perfect body I will teach you most effective techniques to get you there. All done without pills or potions, or anything synthetic. If you have worked every angle to get to this state of health, you don’t need a helping hand.

Have you thought of upgrading your personal status? Well then, instead of buying a Ferrari, why don’t you own one instead!?


Correction and Conditioning

Knees! Back! Shoulders, ankles, elbows and hips!

No matter how healthy you try to be, it can be common to have some pains and niggles which occur over time. Most of the time this won’t even happen in the gym. This is life – it throws you curve balls. You have to find a way to hit them back.

Don’t worry if you have some obstacles, I have some of my own. The idea is to rectify the problem so you can keep doing what you need to do. You want to go about business without the distraction of an injury or illness on your mind – to make it benign.

What I do is look for the weakness. With a keen eye I identify the problem and hone in on it. Many of my corporate clients who sit down all day, have back issues; tightness and weakness in their rear chain of muscles.

Tied in with the strength component we rectify your posture. We activate your muscles that have fallen asleep and bring everything in line again. Walking tall and standing proud to feel like you have taken 10 years off your age.

If you already work with a practitioner, I can work in with them to progress into gym exercises and rehabilitate the problem area. Together we lengthen and strengthen these components. After some time, all niggles worm their way from the body and we forget they had existed.

Are there hurdles but you still want to go forward? Don’t worry, I will find a safe way forward for you!


Fitness Model Coaching

Male Fitness Modelling is exploding in Australia! It is growing so fast and everyone wants a taste of it. But because it is so new, there are not many seasoned athletes with a array of competitions under their belt. With that, the newcomers are unsure how to walk, pose, smile and gracefully own the stage.

Before I began as a Fitness Model I had been commercially modelling for 15 years. So when my sponsors took me to the U.S. to pioneer as a Male Fitness Model – I already knew how to own the stage! Since then I have been helping these athletes find their feet, work the floor and looking like a natural onstage.

Bringing out the showman within is the task at hand. I will help you to materialise the images from your head – onto the catwalk. We will bring your character and energy, and form it into a flowing showpiece that will wow the judges!

Of course you will need to get shredded and look like a ripped Adonis! Leave that to me also. I will get you diced and sliced so every muscle is perfectly displayed under those hot lights!

If you have a competition in mind and feel a little stiff, let me shake you up. I’ll show you everything you need to know. From 3 months out until the final hour when you step onstage, I will be there.

Anyone standing next to you will look sloppy. But you will look tight and terrific! Look your best this season with me – the best Male Physique coach – by your side!

Our Studio is located in Warners Bay For 1:1 PT and small group PT (4 max)
Kids ok to come, sit and watch 🙂

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