What does Corporate Wellness mean to you?

Workplace wellness refers to the physical and psychological health of individuals at work. Wellness programs are initiatives put in place by organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of employees.
The programs range in scope and scale from simple initiatives (e.g. Nutrition and Fitness Software) or executive health assessments, through to comprehensive company-wide education and intervention programs in the areas of health, nutrition, relaxation and exercise.
The best wellness programs create a ‘wellness culture’ that encourages healthy behaviour in an organisation’s employees, with two significant benefits:
  1. Through regular exercise and relaxation, employees’ resilience to stress is improved. Staff who can think clearer and more creatively for longer will service their clients more constructively, get along better with their colleagues and present a more positive image of the organisation.
  2. Developing a culture of wellness could assist to developing a niche positioning for its employment brand, tapping into a pool of well-adjusted, fit and dynamic candidates who understand the importance of work-life balance.
Recent research around the benefits of wellness programs is compelling:
“Studies indicate an average improvement of 30-40% in sickness rates in companies that introduce a workplace wellness program.”
“Studies indicate a 20-25% improvement in staff turnover in companies that introduce a workplace wellness program.”
Price Waterhouse Coopers, Building the case for wellness, 2008.
“Unhealthy employees were estimated to take on average 9 days more sick leave compared to healthy employees.”
“Healthy employees have been estimated to be three times more productive than unhealthy employees.”
Medibank Private Ltd, The Cost of Workplace Stress, 2008.

Managing stress

Mental acuity is of paramount importance in teaching and the mentally taxing nature of this work, coupled with the reality of the work environment – demanding clients, pressure to achieve targets and short timeframes – quickly depletes an employee’s energy reserves.
Fatigued employees may cut corners, make mistakes and be curt towards colleagues and clients, which has a detrimental effect on the standard of client service.

Improving work-life balance

Stress in the workplace often flows over into the employee’s personal life, detrimentally impacting relationships with family and friends.
When work encroaches on the employee’s personal time, what little of it remains is often spent on ‘catching a breath’ ready for the commencement of the next work day.
The employee has little energy for socialising and exercising and this restricts an important mechanism for restoring energy reserves. The result is a fatigued worker not best placed to serve clients.

Attracting talent

Every employer is acutely aware of the current ‘war for talent’. Driven employees can be hard to attain if they suspect a dim work culture. Initiatives that assist employees to improve and maintain their work life balance and stress levels are an attractive proposition for prospective employees.

Optimising productivity

The phrase “people are an organisation’s most important asset” is nowhere more true than in a teaching service, where variability in energy levels, mood and concentration has a significant impact on service quality to your customers.

The Wellness at Work Difference

Think of us as a boost to your HR department!
Wellness@Work is a responsive, innovative consulting practice specialising in corporate wellness. We seek out progressive NSW organisations to assist them improve their staff productivity and position them as employers of choice in today’s demanding market.
We appreciate that HR managers must continually seek out new opportunities to add value to the business and must demonstrate strong return on investment to their senior management colleagues.
Wellness@Work is run by Health and Wellness professionals with significant experience at operational and strategic levels, so we understand your need to invest today in innovative solutions that will position your business to meet the staffing challenges of tomorrow.
With significant experience in project design & delivery, we can provide an integrated solution that appears as an extension of Wellness@Work’s HR program.
  • Our accredited personal trainers are well versed in contemporary exercise theory & practice and our use of diploma-qualified massage therapists allows employees to claim for private health insurance rebates.
  • Access to a network of service providers in NSW allows us to support multisite service delivery.
For these reasons, Wellness@Work is ideally placed to assist with the delivery of a tailored, multisite wellness program.

Wellness Programming

Wellness@Work proposes a packaged, branded solution consisting of 3 to 4 core services. We work with your team to establish which services suit the demographic of your workplace.
Wellness at Work can provide:
  • Accelerator Seminars – 60 minutes interactive seminars covering a range of wellness topics
  • Guest Speakers – Performance, Motivational, Sales and Nutritional guest speakers are available to boost the morale of a forward moving company
  • Corporate Challenges – Companywide competitions around a range of activities, such as weight loss, fun runs, walking, etc
  • Individual Personal Training – Assessment and training of a personal nature, conducted one on one
  • Nutrition Consulting – Assessment of individual nutrition needs and provision of tailored nutrition plans to meet individual goals
  • Lunchbox Catering Services – A specially selected order menu sourced from various food outlets delivered to the workplace. Orders are placed on Friday’s

Group exercise services:

  • Yoga – A favourite among stressed employees. Calming and strengthening to battle a workplace posture
  • Pilates – Like yoga with more emphasis on core strengthening
  • Meditation – Creating a stress free culture and a mind release for employees
  • Self Defence – Expert guidance from professionals for vulnerable employees to and from work. Creates team congruence and increases workplace culture
  • Abs Bum Thighs – Targeting the midsection for tone and strength. Increases cardio and overall fitness.
  • Running Clubs – Programmed for progress over 4-6 weeks. Usually conducted before work to increase mentality of employees throughout the day.
  • Bootcamps – High intensity intermittent outdoor cardio training. For fitness or weight loss enthusiasts.
  • Crossfit – A mix of all types of fitness. Strength and cardio combined in circuits with a time specific goal.
  • Fitboxing – A fun way to increase cardiovascular fitness using self defence as a platform.
  • Mini Olympics half day events – An athletic carnival with a variety challenges. Fun, competitive and team building
  • Tough Mudder and alike, half day events – An muddy and enduring obstacle course on a grand scale. Originating from Bootcamp style outdoor cardio workouts.

Branding & Promotion

To encourage employee interest and buy-in, we propose the program be branded together with your program/organisation.
We propose a range of promotional collateral be developed to carry the colaborised brand. This would promote the program internally and when displayed by staff in public, associate your company’s brand with health, balance and exercise to prospective employees.
Some ideas for collateral include yoga mats, water bottles, gym towels and t-shirts to be used by group fitness participants when exercising outside.

Cost to your Company

To understand how a wellness program can benefit your compay, you need to understand the detriment of absenteeism and attrition to your company. If you can estimate the damage, you can realise the need to resolve it.
Our programs tailored to your company are designed with Return On Investment in mind. We offer services which cost a fraction of your company’s spend.
We want your company to:
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Keep their employees
  • Attract driven employees
  • Waste less money on absenteeism and attrition
Below we have included a table which quickly exposes the minimum spend for employee’s sick leave and employee’s leaving your company.
If you are astounded by this cost to your company, get in touch. Together we can find a healthy work environment and culture to suit you.

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