About Me

I am a 40+yo man with a happy and healthy life! I have an incredible wife by my side, who I simply could not live without! We have 3 incredible daughters who are everything to us. My 4 girls make me who I am today, and are the reason I pursue all I want to be.

With the Health & Fitness Industry for over 15 years, I have accomplished great things for myself and my incredible people; including:

Becoming a columnist, a guest public speaker, keynote presenter, author, brand model, cover model, attained sponsorship, trained celebrities, gained multiple mentors, held fat loss competitions, become an international athlete and a reputable personal trainer

So it’s fair to say I am a fitness fanatic. I spend my life making others more ‘alpha’. My people win. My people get a hold of their lives and own it. And now I have made this website for you

I made this website being an online personal trainer for those who struggle to find a place for their health and fitness.

I make exercise programs for the gym enthusiast who has plateaued in their gains and is looking for a coach to show them what’s next

I make weight loss programs for the mums who can only find a spare 20 mins to break away from the kids. She needs meal plans and a home workout plan to get her body back

I am an online personal trainer for the time poor traveler and the shift workers. They can’t choose their routine and would appreciate getting results combined with flexibility

I made this website for those without gym memberships


There are no shortcuts. I want to steer you away from the cheap products. Tailoring is the premium way!

I am the real deal. I will make a plan that works. One that is easy to follow. One that is perfectly made, just for you

And this is what makes me happy….

Natural Physique Competitions

Building Bodies has always been a special part of my life. It has been there for as long as I can remember. My mum joined a gym when I was 9 years and my brother and I tagged along. Since the day when I saw all the guys in the gym, I just wanted to lift weights. It has been the only thing that has stuck throughout the years.

Although it wasn’t until I was 30 and a full time Personal Trainer did I consider entering a competition! I had been building all these years and I had never put it to good use! Once I made the decision to compete and had the date of competition in my head, my life has never been the same.

Being a Natural Bodybuilding competitor completes my love for the gym in every way. My knowledge for gaining muscle and nutrition has increased more than I could’ve imagined. The mental strength needed to compete has also made me stronger to confront issues in day to day life. Becoming a competitor has made my business thrive and my family life incredible.

To date my competition results are:
• May 2010 – ANB South Coast – 5th Novice
• May 2010 – ANB Sydney – 4th Under 90kg
• May 2010 – ANB Asia-Pacific – 5th Under 90kg
• October 2010 – ANB Nationals – 5th Under 90kg
• November 2010 – Musclemania America- 4th Fitness Model open
• May 2011 – INBA Sydney – 1st Intermediate Men
• May 2011 – ANB Sydney – 4th Under 90kg
• June 2011 – ANB Asia-Pacific – 3rd Under 90kg
• June 2011 – ANB Asia-Pacific – 3rd Fitness Model under 35yo
• May 2012 – INBA Sydney -3rd Open Men bodybuilding
• June 2012 – ANB Asia-Pacific – 3rd Fitness Model under 35yo
• May 2014 – INBA Sydney – Overqualified for category
• September 2015 – ANB Newcastle – 1st Muscle Model
• September 2015 – Musclemania Gold Coast – 2nd Physique
• June 2016 – Natural Bodz Gold Coast – 3rd Fitness Model
• June 2016 – Natural Bodz Gold Coast – 3rd Physique
• September 2016 – ANB Newcastle – 1st Muscle Model
• September 2016 – ANB Newcastle – 2nd BodyBuilding
• September 2017 – ANB Newcastle – 1st Muscle Model
• October 2017 – ANB Nationals- 1st Muscle Model – Both categories and OVERALL CHAMPION Mr AUSTRALIA – Became PRO Muscle Model
• October 2017 – ANB New Zealand International – 1st Muscle Model PRO

ASN Charlestown Athlete Sponsorship

Thank you to the people of ASN Charlestown for backing me as a Sponsored Athlete!

This has made my future so much brighter! I have been working with team at ASN Charlestown for the past 9 months since I began here in Newcastle. Over and above, they have taken care of my clients with good advice, service and price

I make Meal Plans together with the required supplementation for the different needs of my people. From staple products such as omega oils and whey through to specialised hormonal balancing tonics, these guys have educated me and always pointed my peeps in the right direction

For prepping into competition I have had my best foot forward for myself and my shredders. They keep us on track with Body Scans at regular intervals, which is just another part of their service

They have held seminars which have a great turnouts and guest speakers such as the legendary Nick Jones! Needless to say they always push to do more than people expect them to do. It’s not often you see such integrity and it is very refreshing to see. A good, honest, growing business

So I am delighted to become part of the ASN team! I will promote their Newcastle Bodybuilding competitions and support the growth of this organisation. No wonder ASN are at the top

Thank you team! It’s a proud day to be an ASN Sponsored Athlete!