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Outdoor Small Group Resistance Training


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It’s all about the Weights

No Impact, No Cardio, High Burn


No Running, No Jumping, No Hill Sprints, No Burpees!
We use Barbells, Dumbbells and Benchs to tone and shape the body

Pump those muscles by lifting weights for the most effective toning of the body!
Tighten your arms, lift that bum, get nice toned legs with Primary Exercises, such as:
Squats, Deadlifts, Chest Presses. A variety of Rows, Flys & Raises
Circuits, Supersets, Pulses, Holds and more to squeeze that muscle
Core work? Yep! loads of it! Hamstrings and glutes too! Let’s focus on the forgotten muscles
We correct posture, balance and bring harmony the body via all your favorite strength exercises

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Memberships – Unlimited!

Small Group Personal Training – Toronto


Every membership is Unlimited – meaning you can book as many sessions a week as you like. You might want to take 2 sessions in a row (e.g. 6am + 6:30am for an hour session)

No lock in contracts. You can cancel anytime. You keep your pre-sale membership rate as long as you have membership

We use an online booking system. You can purchase your membership and book into your sessions on your phone or tablet. You can also install the app!

Check out the timetable below! Time to Shape Up!

CareTrac Approved Provider!

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Are you a CareTrac member? Does your work provide you a health incentive?

If so, you’re in luck! You will save 50% on your membership 🙂

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Such choice! All with the convenience of booking through the app or online

With your Unlimited Membership you can schedule as many sessions in advance as you like

We limit the class to 5 participants to ensure a high quality standard. We have a keen eye with form of movement. If the energy is placed correctly it has maximum benefit

Programming changes weekly so you wont be doing the same routine. You will be challenged!

Is this for me?


If you are wanting to get a start on your fitness, this is for you

Mums, this is your time! Over 40’s and somehow forgot about no.1? Have joint pain but need to get the muscles working again? Come and get it!

Perhaps the gym environment isn’t for you? Don’t like lock-in contracts? Prefer training outdoors whilst looking over a splendid scenery?

Start the day in the best possible way. Enjoy your beautiful local water view. Grab a coffee at the cafe. Take advantage!

We are very particular conducting our classes. You wont be forgotten. We will have our eye on you…

Because it is small group, we will automatically set your weights for your fitness level.

We provide the benchs. We provide the weights. All you have to do is lift it!

Who are the trainers?

Karyn Ward

FIT AT 50 is the motto that drives Karyn this year. She wants to share with you that age is not a limiting factor.Yes you can squeeze those niggles out of your body and be symptom free. Yes you can get those arms and legs moving again

Karyn is there to help you conjure your body back into movement and get the all systems flowing. Karyn has worked with me and under me for the past 4 years. In that time we have overhauled her whole body in a transformation inside and out. Week after week and over the years we have developed a body that is pain free and a metabolism which is on fire. She has earned a cabinet full of competition trophies. She is strong, flexible and eats a tonne of food whilst staying lean She resembles to be much fitter than those half her age

And now she is going to be your trainer! She will share her knowledge with you and let you understand what works for you. What is right for you now in this present moment. She will help pull (not push) you toward where you want to go. Lucky you!

Justine Eggins

A mum of 2 boys, she understands what it’s like to have tried ‘everything’ in the attempt to regain your shape after kids.

She knows it’s invaluable for you to reclaim some ‘you-time’ in order to break away and do something for yourself

She can relate to all the fad diets, succumbed to the crazy exercise regimes, she knows what works and what is hype…

Justine has been working with me since 2013. Just like a carbon copy, I love watching her work her way through her clientele. Correcting form as she goes, she knows how to push you close to your limits but not beyond them. And being the lovely person she is, she will make you laugh as she makes you cry (in pain). Good luck!

So this super fit mum will be providing an enjoyable 30 minutes burn! I know you’ll have fun with her. She never holds the same session twice. So with her plethora of exercises, she will keep you entertained and continue with ideas for you to try at home (back with the kids again).

Awesome Justine, lets rip this one up and set em on fire!

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Weights by the Water - Toronto

Weights by the Water – Next to the Rotunda – Victory Parade, Toronto NSW 2283




You control the payments. You create your profile, purchase membership and cancel membership at anytime by yourself

We take Visa/Mcard/Amex/Diners or Bank Details. Because you enter the details, no numbers/records are able to be viewed by admins

Memberships are charged weekly as a rollover payment until you cancel it. Any problems, just contact us

Once you create an online profile (free) you can see the calendar/timetable and have a poke around

Then when you purchase your membership, you can go into those sessions on the calendar and book it.

Then just turn up and get pumping!

This means that you are unrestricted in how many sessions you can book

Your membership fee is all you will pay no matter how often you come

Want to come in for an hour, Monday to Friday? Go ahead! You will be sorry…

Yep! Its easier and faster to book in and out of sessions than going through this website

Its pretty simple. Download here

Android: click here

Apple: click here

We are shut on public holidays, which would only mean 1 day missing per week in most cases

Because you have an unlimited membership, you can make up your missed days however you like!

For the Christmas period (including dates Dec 23rd to Jan 1st) we will be shut. For this weeks membership your payments will not be charged

Classes will still go ahead. We just move inside the Rotunda

Easy. You can login into your account and cancel it yourself

If you are having trouble, just use the contact form below and we can cancel it from our side

Yes, unfortunately, from the good ol banks:

Admin fee $5.50 – first debit only
Transaction fee 0.88c per weekly tranaction
Dishonor fee – if payment fails there may be a dishonour fee depending on type of payment and which bank takes the payment

Please make sure there is enough in your account to cover any fees

Yes, no problem
Just contact us and tell us the period you want your membership to be paused
You can contact via the form below, or by replying to a system email
Your pause period will be confirmed when we reply to you

Yes, too easy
Just contact us in the form below with the classes you wish to attend in a particular week
If there is room, we will book you in and reply to confirm

If you want to save $5 per week on your membership, you need a friend!
If you currently hold a membership and you refer a friend prior to them signing up, we will reduce your membership rate by $5 per week
If you join with a friend at the same time, you will both receive a $5 membership discount EACH!
Better yet, you can keep referring friends to deduct another $5 per week!
You can strip your membership rate down to $19.95 per week by referring your friends. Too easy!
If you want to take advantage, make sure to contact us so we know who is your friend!

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